2nd Capacity Building Workshop in the Nethelands

The 2nd  Capacity Building Workshop in the Netherlands took place in the Hague (Nieuwspoort) on the 16 June 2016. Fifteen (15) people took part in the meeting:  from institutional bodies (Ministry of  Economics), from industrial and trade  associations  and  obliged  parties  or  market  operators  (association  of  energy companies,  TSOs, distributors,  ESCOs,  energy  managers,  association  of  insulation  materials,  association  of  buildings).  NRP chaired the event, organised in cooperation with Vlasis Oikonomou (JIN). 
The  structure of the meeting was  mainly  on  presenting  key  lessons  relevant  to  the  EEO  introduction  in  the  Netherlands (Vlasis Oikonomou), options for the energy retailers (EnergieNed) and discussions on these issues. A detailed discussion allowed market  operators  to  highlight  issues  and  possible  solutions  related  to  the  proposal  for  the  introduction  of the EEO scheme in the Netherlands. The  most  important  discussion  was  based  on  the  findings  from  other  countries  as  presented  by Vlasis Oikonomou, focussing  mainly  on  the  types  of  obligations,  design  characteristics, costs  of  schemes  and  cost  recovery options  of  these  schemes.