2nd ENSPOL EU Observatory Meeting, 16th March 2016, The Hague, The Netherlands

One of the goals of the ENSPOL is to establish an EU Observatory – a public forum where MS representatives can informally exchange knowledge and opinions about issues regarding the transposition of EED Article 7 (i.e. the implementation of either EEOs or alternatives measures).

The EU Observatory also acts as a platform to disseminate important results from the ENSPOL project itself. The EU Observatory was established in the first half of 2015 and the 1st EU Observatory meeting took place in Brussels on 17 June 2015 (in the frame of EU Sustainable Energy Week).

The following provides an overview of the key topics presented and discussed at the 2nd EU Observatory meeting on 16 March 2016:

  1. Distinctive typologies of policy mixes and design features that appear to deliver the desired outcomes in a variety of contexts.
  2. Lessons learned from implemented measures to date (EEO and/or alternative measures).
  3. Monitoring and verification issues.
  4. Introduction to the (soon to be launched) knowledge sharing platform on Article 7 EED, developed within ENSPOL.
  5. Introduction to an observatory network (proposed from within ENSPOL) and our vision for how this could support the ongoing implementation of Article 7 EED.