3rd ENSPOL EU Observatory Meeting, 13th June, Brussels, Belgium

The 3rd EU-Observatory was held after the ENSPOL Final Conference on the 13th of June in Brussels.
The meeting was well attended (over 40 representatives): delegates from 14 Member States participated (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland and the UK) as well as EU level stakeholders.
During the half-day meeting, the main results of the stakeholder survey that has been prepared and run after the 2nd EU-observatory meeting were presented. The main intention of this survey was to receive feedback from stakeholders about the National Observatories (NOs) as well as EU-Observatories (EOs) to further improve them and to collect their views about the continuation of the EOs after the project end.
Furthermore, ENPSOL case studies from Italy and Croatia have been presented showing how ENSPOL facilitated implementing or improving their EEOs.
The discussion about a possible strategic plan for the survival of the EOs was introduced by a presentation from France followed by a final plenary discussion; during the plenary discussion, participants discussed the key topics that should be maintained after the end of the ENSPOL projects as well as possible strategies for their continuation.
The Agenda is available here.