ENSPOL Webinar, 1 March 2016 - Lessons learnt from EEOs and alternative approaches

The focus of the webinar was on the main lessons learnt from existing EEO and alternative schemes. This is an activity realized by the ENSPOL project to provide a guidance to the implementation of new schemes and the improvement of existing ones. Some examples were illustrated by selected speakers and a discussion about the main points followed.
1. Energy saving assessment 
2. White certificates market
3. Possibility to involve non obliged parties
4. End-user sectors and energy efficiency solutions covered by the schemes
5. Benefits additional to energy savings
6. Links between EED, EPBD, and other directives on energy savings assessment.
  • Introduction about ENSPOL project and webinar content 
  • Lessons learnt about benefits related to the application of different EEO and alternative measure schemes 
  • Discussion
  • Closure