ENSPOL Webinar, 22 December 2015

Topics discussed:

  1. Energy saving calculation (deemed/scaled/metered savings) and allocation methods among measures;
  2. The role of audits in the savings M&V;
  3. Administrative monitoring and  evaluation procedures already in place (technical and administrative requirements, documental and/or on-site controls, administrative costs, how double counting is avoided);
  4. Different measures (EEOs and alternative measures) requires different actions: will be feasible for MS to harmonize multiple systems of measurement/monitoring and verification already in place?


  • Introduction – Dario, FIRE
  • Examples: Dario, FIRE - Tina, Dansk Energi - Tadeusz Skoczkowski, Kape - Elisabeth Boeck, AEA (TBC)
  • Discussion about M&V in the other MS (issues, examples, lessons learnt, new developments, etc.)
  • Discussion about the opportunity to hold a public webinar at the beginning of February on this topic or on other topics of interest.