ENSPOL Webinar, 8 March 2016 - Obliged parties, costs and financing of EEO schemes

The focus of the webinar was on different subjects (DSOs, suppliers, market operators or end-users) that can be chosen as obliged parties, costs, and financing in EEO schemes. The choice of the obliged parties affects deeply the development of the EEO scheme, so it is useful to verify what happened in some Member States. Costs and financing of EEO schemes are two other important subjects. Some examples were illustrated by selected speakers and a discussion about the main points followed.
Topics to be discussed:
1. Pros and cons of choosing DSOs or suppliers as obliged parties
2. Costs of EEO schemes and approaches to cover them (through public money, tariffs or market prices).
  • Introduction about ENSPOL project and webinar content 
  • Information about how mandatory parties were chosen and about costs and financing of different EEO schemes 
  • Discussion
  • Closure