IEPPEC International conference, 7-9 June 2016, Amsterdam, Holland

6 June 2016: ENSPOL participated in the pre Conference workshop: “Holistic approach to accelerating energy efficiency action”. A joint presentation session with Paolo Bertolidi, European Commission, JRC was implemented  by  ENSPOL partner Tina Fawcett on the theme: Energy Efficiency Directive – Article 7.
8 June 16: ENSPOL partner Tina Fawcett  was included on the expert panel, in a session sponsored by Energy Efficiency Watch, along with Stefan Thomas (Wuppertal Institute & Energy Efficiency Watch) and Rados Horacek, European Commission (substituting for Paul Hodson).  Panel debate: Are Member States on track to achieve their 2020 targets? What role should there be for the NEEAPs and evaluation in the revised EED?
Ms Fawcett also presented a paper, co-authored with Jan Rosenow and two other colleagues. The presentation followed the ENSPOL template, and included brief explanation of the ENSPOL project and links to ENSPOL website.  The paper was entitle: Evaluating the implementation of Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive.
The event's agenda can be found here.